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Yoga and Back Health

  • Eastcote House Gardens (map)

Join us on Tuesday 22nd October for this 2-hour workshop to explore how yoga can support your back health and how we can practice yoga with greater back awareness, support and safety.

*NOTE* date change as this workshop was originally advertised as 15th October - now moved to 22nd October.


With so many of us suffering from all sorts of back issues due to life style and dysfunctional movement, it is no surprise that we often come to yoga in the hope it will help relieve some stiffness and pain.

However, without developing an understanding of our posture and movement habits, yoga (as well as other movement practices) can just exacerbate existing issues or in time even highlight them further.

Come to this workshop to explore and enquire what this means for YOUR body, YOUR movement and what YOU need for back comfort and ease.

As someone who used to suffer from chronic back pain I know only too well what this practice can offer and hope to be able to equip you with some lovely tools for a freer back and safer movement practice.

No previous yoga experience necessary. This workshop is open to all adults and abilities.

Event details

  • Cost: £45

  • Location: The Stables, Eastcote House Gardens, HA5

  • Space is limited: 12 students max to ensure a safe and nourishing practice so please book early to reserve your place