Yoga in the office?

Corporate wellbeing yoga benefits employees and employers, providing a perfect start to the day, a lunchtime boost, or an antidote after long hours behind a desk. 

One in three UK employees are now working with anxiety, depression or stress, according to 2017 PwC research. The survey results show that health and wellbeing affects employees’ ability to carry out their day-to-day roles. Two in five (39%) have taken time off work or reduced their responsibilities because of their health. 

“It’s becoming increasingly important for organisations to provide employees with support for their emotional and physical health at work. Healthier and happier staff perform better, stay in their business longer and reduce costs and risks for organisations.”
— Jo Salter, Director in PwC’s people and organisations business
“Everyone benefits from a healthier workforce: employees, who will enjoy better health and be less likely to be off sick; employers, who will reap the benefits of increased productivity; and the NHS, which will have less poor health to deal with.”
— Duncan Selbie, Chief Exec, Public Health England

Yoga in the workplace is one very accessible way to positively contribute to staff wellness. It can help employees improve physical and mental wellbeing, manage stress, increase focus and creativity.

Lands Yoga offers regular yoga classes, monthly workshops and one-off events to support employees and employers. These don't take much to organise and all you really need is a meeting room or a clear space.

Mindfulness practices at away days or conferences are easy to weave into the schedule, and if there isn’t the room then staff won't even need to get off the chairs to benefit from the practice which can take as little as 10mins. 

Current clients

Clients include PHE, NHS, ARRI and ARRI Rental, PioneerDJ, Yakult, among others. 


Cost depends on your yoga requirements, location, number of students, among other factors but sessions start from just £5 per employee.

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